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Who are we?

TopTechnoHub.com is an offline VPN critique platform dedicated to promoting privacy, security, and freedom online through rigorous research, testing, and investigation.

Our primary goal is to make digital privacy, security, and freedom easier to understand and embrace for everyone who uses VPN solutions.

Our experience

Our core expertise lies in the thorough analysis and critique of personal virtual private network (VPN) solutions. In addition, we disseminate knowledge through resources, research, and in-depth research on critical issues in digital privacy and online safety. Since 2023, our seasoned VPN experts have rated hundreds of VPN offerings, conducting in-depth reviews of 100 of them, guided by our unique, unbiased approach to VPN review.

Our VPN ratings are based on a methodical approach that is updated regularly to ensure we offer only the best of the best VPN solutions to our global audience. A preliminary VPN critique can require upwards of 40 hours of evaluation, with countless more hours spent each month on back-to-back tests. Such ongoing evaluations are necessary to maintain the accuracy and integrity of our VPN utility recommendations.

In addition to our VPN assessments, we also develop tutorials and resources specifically designed to empower you to make smart choices about using a VPN, ensuring you're always aware of your privacy and protection online.

We also take a deep dive into the world of VPNs, digital rights and cybersecurity through our in-depth research and analysis. Through these efforts, we aim to raise awareness and awareness of the pressing issues of internet censorship, privacy and security affecting today's internet users.

Our methodology

Each VPN undergoes a consistent 10-phase verification procedure, which lasts long hours under the close attention of our specialists. We maintain our integrity by not accepting financial incentives for VPN reviews or favorable opinions, ensuring that providers have no influence on our ratings.

In short, the trust of our audience is of utmost importance. The ideas we propose and the research we undertake are based on impartiality and unwavering honesty. Dive deeper into our testing methods [here].

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How we test?

Every VPN goes through the same rigorous 10-step verification process, consisting of many hours of use by our experts.

We do not accept payment for conducting VPN reviews or providing positive coverage, and suppliers will never have a say in how we evaluate products.

It's simple: our readers are our top priority. The information and advice we provide and the research we conduct is objective, independent and unbiased.

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Meet our team

Our team of VPN enthusiasts are masters of virtual private networks. With over 30 years of experience in network security, software development and the nuances of consumer technology, they have led the assessment of 100 VPN platforms and played a key role in the development of our comprehensive review regime.
Mark Anderson
Mark Anderson leads our research into VPN security and online privacy. His articles on the dangers of free VPNs, personal data leaks and cyber censorship have been featured in more than 1,000 global publications such as the BBC, CNet, Wired and the Financial Times.
Alex Smith
With 30 years of software development and networking experience, Alex Smith leads the technical aspects of our VPN evaluation process, ensuring we evaluate VPN tools to an unprecedented level. Alex developed the concept of our worldwide VPN speed rating system and played a key role in the development of our innovative IP and DNS violation tests.
Ethan Foster
Ethan Foster is at the forefront of TopTechnoHub.com's editorial team, responsible for all VPN criticism and recommendations. A seasoned VPN geek, technical writer and previous product reviewer at Which?, Ethan is a passionate advocate for online privacy.