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Each VPN rating shows ratings by category, and they are reproducible - you can check our results using our testing methodology.

Our 100 VPNs are the result of a deep dive into mobile app store analytics, identifying the best VPNs, and recognizing those that are regularly mentioned by industry insiders.

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At TopTechnoHub.com we strive for unbiased, pure editorial autonomy. We promise:

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Our in-house VPN experts, with a wealth of industry experience, write our VPN reviews and guides. They are joined by a full staff of product reviewers, engineers, analysts and web censorship specialists. What ideas are you looking at? The result of their collective experience.

Practical research

Our position? Self-testing first hand. Armed with a variety of tools, including our unique VPN kill switch estimator, we dive in. Fact? Our research has influenced VPNs such as PrivateVPN to improve their security. Check out our testing approach [here].

Regular updates

<p>VPNs are evolving, and so are we. If a VPN unblocks US Netflix this week, will it happen next week? Given the changing opportunities and threats, our experts remain vigilant. We are constantly updating our content and each VPN review is updated weekly. What starts as a 40-hour review is supported by numerous monthly hours to keep you up to date.</p>

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