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TopTechnoHub.com Privacy Policy

Our actions and goals

What are we focusing on? In the broader context of online privacy and security research, we closely monitor data breaches involving VPN service providers and publicize them when they cause serious public concern.

Why is this so important?

  • Our core mission is to make online privacy and security accessible and understandable to everyone, emphasizing its essence as a fundamental human right.
  • Alert VPN users about data breaches, giving them the opportunity to evaluate their trust in these providers in the future.
  • Increase public awareness of the amount of personal data held by certain VPN services.
  • Emphasis the importance of protecting personal data.
  • Hold VPN providers accountable for data management.
  • Advocate for strong data protection standards that benefit everyone.
  • Increase public awareness of data breach detection and management.
  • Fight the spread of unsecured data online.
  • Raise awareness of VPN services by pitting risky products against trusted ones recommended by a leading tech consultant.

How do we ensure integrity?

  • We are recognized journalists and strictly follow the NUJ code of conduct.
  • We are required to comply with the disclosure and data protection policies detailed on this platform.
  • Details about VPN data breaches are disclosed only after the owner of the affected data has been informed and has taken the necessary security measures.
  • Our findings and reporting always comply with ethical standards, and we refrain from accessing unauthorized data or using “black hat” techniques.
  • Our goal is to provide accurate reporting of VPN data leaks, correcting any errors when detected.
  • We protect the privacy of individuals by ensuring that no personal information is ever shared.
  • We work on the principle of respecting the public interest and never use financial incentives to hide reports.


Our intention is to protect users from malicious threats by encouraging VPN service providers to address these vulnerabilities. This policy explains our approach and intentions regarding these discoveries.

1.1 Main objectives

  • Legitimate VPN user data leak detection.
  • Protect individuals rights to privacy as emphasized by international law.
  • Encourage VPN providers to maintain data security and transparency.
  • Emphasis the importance of transparent communication in the event of a data breach.
  • Comply with personal data protection laws.

1.2 Rationale for Disclosure

Confidential and public disclosure of information is critical.

1.2.1 Disclosure of private information

Direct communication with the affected subject allows them to correct the situation. While we hope to communicate cooperatively, our focus remains on transparency and truthful disclosure.

1.2.2 Public Disclosure

We believe in the power of transparency. By publicly reporting violations through our platform, we strive to:

  • Alert affected users.
  • Promote proper remediation of violations.
  • Encourage hacked VPN services to publicly disclose information.

2. Guidelines

  • We act within the law by limiting our access to publicly available data.
  • Minimize our exposure to compromised data.
  • Give preference to private disclosures over public announcements.
  • We work without any financial incentives.

2.2 Discovery and reporting process

Each violation is unique and requires an individual response. A typical process might include:

  • Data leak detection.
  • Contact the affected subject.
  • In case of joint response, establish secure communication.
  • The affected object solves the problem.
  • Both parties jointly discuss public disclosure of information.
  • Public notices are published.

Remember that time is of the essence. We are committed to taking prompt action to ensure the protection of sensitive data as quickly as possible. Our ultimate goal is always to protect individuals and maintain the highest standards of privacy and security online.