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TopTechnoHub.com Cookie Policy

Cookies are pieces of data that websites store in device browsers to later remember information about visitors.

Cookies can be:

  1. Session cookies: They disappear when you close your browser.
  2. Persistent cookies: These cookies remain after you close your browser and are recognized on future visits to the website. We use both types.

Types of cookies on FreeBestVPN

  • First side:

    • GCLB: Maintains website stability (session-based).
    • PHPSESSID: Saves settings across navigation (session-based).
  • Third-party services:

    • Performance: Helps optimize recommendations from leading tech experts by analyzing user behavior. For example, Google Analytics and Hotjar.
    • Functionality: Allows you to share TopTechnoHub.com content on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Trustpilot.
    • Advertising: Tracks the effectiveness of an advertising campaign and personalizes advertising selection. Well-known services: Google AdWords, Facebook Ads and Bing.
    • Special Offers: Displays offers without inundating you with pop-ups. For example, Optinmonster.
  • Affiliate links: Visiting VPN providers through our links may use cookies. This helps us earn commissions while supporting our free service. Learn more about affiliate marketing at the Affiliate Marketing Council.

  • Key Third Party:

    • _ga: Identifies users (2 years).
    • _gat: Limits the size of the request (10 minutes).
    • _omappvp: Recognizes new visitors (10 years, 11 months).
    • _om-success-cookie: confirms the use of a special offer (24 hours).

Manage cookies

Change or delete cookies as needed. See aboutcookies.org. Note: Some functionality may be affected. Use resources or plugins to refuse the use of cookies:

    Your choice on the Internet

    Self-regulatory program for online behavioral advertising

    Internet Advertising Opt-Out Initiative.